FastPaQ High Speed Labeler/Applicator

Northfield Corporation - FastPaQ High Speed Labeler


The FastPaQ UHS (Ultra High Speed) labeler is capable of dispensing labels at 375m/min (15,000″/min) most noteworthy is it can accurately apply labels to products at a high-speed rate of over 3,000 per minute or 200,000 per hour. (Dependant on label length)

Standard Specifications

Maximum label width: 4.5″ (115mm)                      label length: 20″ (500mm)Maximum dispense speed: 15,000″/min (375m/min)Maximum line speed: 15,000″/min (375m/min)Labeling accuracy: Up to +/- 1/32″ (+/- 0.4mm)Single remotable keypad/display unit Dimensions: Stand alone loop unit L 18″ (460mm) H 12″ (300mm)Stand alone dispense unit L 18″ (460mm) H 8″ (200mm)Labeler with units combined L 20″ (510mm) H 20″ (510mm)Power supply: Single phase 120V or 240V +/- 15% Operating temperature: 5-50C Maximum humidity: 85% (non-condensing)IP rating: 20


Unwind unit (with automatic low-label detection),Rewind unit, Product shape speed profiling label width up to: 10″ (250mm)Maximum label length: Can be specified by customer Maximum line speed: 40,000″/min (1km/min)Additional remotable keypad/display units. Serial communication interfaces including RS232 and RS485 for monitoring/controlling of labeler and/or external devices.I/O for interfacing to PLC’s, controlling status lamps, monitoring/controlling of external devices, etc. Bespoke software in order to control/monitor other devices such as reject units, barcode readers etc. IP rating 55 (washdown)