Coupon inserter products




Coupon Inserter: We have gone through great lengths to design high quality, durable coupon inserters.  They are user friendly for operators and maintenance personnel alike. The head is compact, hands on, and therefore easy to operate and understand. They burst apart a continuous stream of perforated inserts (no misses, no doubles). There is no concern about knives or other cutting mechanisms to break off and find their way into the product.

Installation on form fill & seal machines is a standard practice for us. We have X-Y-Z adjustable mounting bracketry that supports the coupon inserter from the mezzanine above, or from the bag machine frame itself. The consumer can mount the unit on the main floor making it easily accessible and therefore not impeding operator performance.  Similarly customers can readily adjust them to fit different size formers . Conveyor line applications are easily with a stand alone inserter positioned along side the conveyor on a moveable T-base stand. Conveyor line speed following and/or conveyor line speed matching models are also available.

Our coupon inserters have been widely accepted by many companies large and small. Frito-Lay is using it across the board to insert prizes into their Cracker Jack’s products.  Keebler Company, Fresh Express, Kraft Foods, Pillsbury, Hills Pet Nutrition are just a few of the companies that have or are currently utilizing Northfield continuous feed coupon inserters.

1600 SRV 2D Inserter

1600 SRV Inserter

Universal 2D/3D Inserter

Universal 2D/3D Inserter