Northfield Universal 2D/3D Coupon and Prize Inserter

The Northfield Universal 2D/3D inserter is capable of accurately inserting either 2D or 3D overwrapped, NX2Food, and perforated paper inserts. 2D inserts can be in roll or bandoleer form. 3D inserts must be in bandoleer form. Some application examples include, but are not limited to: horizontal/vertical fillers, carton lines, open container lines, and hot melt-on/in-pack applications.



Power requirements:115/230 VAC filtered, 50/60 cycles, 5 amps.  Max speed:Up to 400+ pieces per minute (2″ insert length)  Linear speed, In-feed:Up to 7,000 I.P.M.Linear speed, Out-feed:Up to 7,000 I.P.M.Controls:AMP servo controls – Maple Systems HMI, Dimensions: Controller:16″ high, 14″ wide, 6″ deep Weight: Head 45lbs.  Controller 34lbs. Lubrication needs:None Change parts:None Air requirements:None

Standard 2-D/3-D Insert Size and Specifications:

Minimum Insert Size:1″ Wide x 2″ Long Maximum Insert Size:5″ Wide x 10″ Long Insert Thickness:Up to 2.75″Splices:Heat Seal Factory Splices Only Burst Tensile Strength:8-12 lbs. Recommended not to exceed 17 lbs.Note: 3-D Insert Height Tolerance:+/- 1/8″

Optional Equipment

Northfield Corporation - Universal Inserter Optional Equipment16″ Unwind kit for inserts in roll form