CTM Labeling System and Labelers

For those looking for an all-purpose solution for your needs, the 360a Model Y Label Applicator is the evolution of the industry standard 360 Series. No matter the type of applicator you need, the 360a Model Y is extremely versatile with the ability to configure the label applicator as a merge, blow-on or tamp-blow applicator. The design of the applicator is ambidextrous, allowing you to quickly and easily switch hands with little to no change.   Available in 5″, 7.5″ or 10″ widths the user can also switch to the opposite hand with few or no change parts in a minimal amount of time.  All units are servo motor driven to include State-of-the-art electronics and a “Self-teaching” label sensor.  Furthermore, file encryption of the 360a allows for easy “on-site” software revisions and upgrades.  Standard Labeling systems include but are not limited to: Top, Front, Front/Back, Wrap, and Economy Wrap Labeling Systems, as well as clamshell labeling. These CTM Labeling Systems are designed to accurately and efficiently apply pressure-sensitive labels to a multitude of products.